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When staging your house, how do you appeal to every person who will walk through your doors? Sure, you adore your black marble countertop and blue walls, but what will the buyer’s think? While it’s impossible to cater to everyone’s different preferences, there are some overarching similarities to appeal to many buyers – simply based on your location.


Los Angeles, California: Modern decor and art

“The most important trend in Los Angeles for the last few years has been a move away from traditional furnishings, to a transitional look which incorporates modern element.  Modern decor, especially modern art, now works with every style.” – Meridith Baer

San Francisco, California: Natural interior and modern art

“Buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area love a classically modern home with eclectic touches. They are knowledgeable about the latest trends and appreciate quality furnishings and high-end design. Natural interior elements, original art and modern decor are incorporated into each home we stage. This offers the “WOW” factor that is highly appealing to buyers and allows them to mentally unpack while touring the home.”  – Halcyon Home Staging + Design

Fresno, California: Clearly designated spaces with a touch of elegance

“Potential homebuyers in the Fresno, Clovis area are impressed by a modern, yet comfortable-looking home. They appreciate an up-to-date appearance with touches of elegance and clear designated spaces such as a home office, or a cozy patio area outside. We like to stage these areas to show a home’s maximum usability. Staging spaces for work and play in a home definitely attract buyers.” – Selling by Design-Staging

Denver, Colorado: Stylized bar carts

“One small touch that gets rave reviews when staging homes in Boulder Colorado: a perfectly styled bar cart either in the dining or living room! It sets the tone for entertaining with ease. It has a fun, upscale feel and people can imagine having friends over.” – A Change of Space


Washington D.COversized artwork is a must

“In Washington D.C., monuments and museums are a part of everyone’s daily ‘visual vernacular’ living in our nation’s capital. Eyes here become accustomed to oversized art, despite the small size of most homes. With that concept in mind, we find using oversized art is one of the keys to setting the tone for the luxury staging that our clients require in a market where the average priced home starts at $500K. D.C. Metro area buyers view approximately 8 to 10 properties an outing, therefore, it makes sense that seeing a colossal octopus or a mural-sized sunset helps buyers remember our staged properties above all others.” – Masterpiece Staging + Design

Miami, Florida: Bring in light, trendy furniture, and warmth

“The first and most important step for a good staging is to understand the space –  to feel it, to mind its age and the neighborhood that it’s in. Once that step is reached, the staging should be easy and inspiring enough to attract potential buyers. Every space either in a house, a condo or an office is different! The modern style can be projected as simple and cold, however, a good staging will always bring its warmth and comfort. Good staging will showcase the room’s focal point because every room has a focal point! Lastly, the staging has to be balanced with color, pattern or texture.” – Clara Godbey Home Staging + Organizing

Atlanta, Georgia: Minimalism is a must

“Home staging here in Atlanta has taken on the always emphasized ‘less is more’ concept. We are creating clean lines with neutral furnishings and minimal decor in our stagings from condos to high-end luxury homes in all price ranges. Atlantan’s are taking de-cluttering to another level so much so that they are moving out of their homes in some cases just to have the property staged. Agents and sellers are asking for staging that literally blends in where we are utilizing hushed tones of complex grays, sand and various shades of blue in pillows and artwork for some subtle pops of color.  Minimalism is in and grandma’s furniture and collectibles are out!” –No Vacancy – Home Staging Services

Honolulu, Hawaii: Combine coastal and urban flair

“Our staging techniques focus on improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming and attractive home. It’s about creating a feeling, a sense of lifestyle, selling a dream. Our staging techniques are a fusion of Coastal, Island and Contemporary styles with an urban flair, inspired by the colors of the ocean, which are appealing to the buyers of the Hawaiian Real Estate Market.” – Inouye- Interior Decor & Luxury Home Staging Hawaii

Chicago, Illinois Show multi-functionality of rooms

“In Chicago, having smaller-scale inventory that is appropriate for condominiums, townhouses and apartments is a must. Along those same lines of smaller spaces, it is important to show multi-functionality of rooms. For example, a family room could be staged with a seating area and play area for children, or a bedroom that functions as a guest room and office help buyers see the duality of the space.” – Haven Home Staging and Redesign, Inc.

Indianapolis, Indiana: Showcase greenery and natural texture

“Indianapolis is a uniquely cosmopolitan city in the sense there’s still plenty of nature that has been preserved within the city, as well as the surrounding suburbs. It’s not unusual to pass a few farms on your morning commute into the city or to see a Maserati passing a tractor on the highway. As a result of this diversity, buyers are naturally drawn to greenery and texture in homes. I receive quite a few requests for roughly textured, imperfect wood pieces in a diverse range of homes, from the modern farmhouse and rustic industrial style homes to mid-century modern homes as well.” – Elephant in the Room Home Staging| Redesign


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